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Python Program to display the Fibonacci sequence up to n-th term

By Y UDIT Kumar

well a Fibonacci sequence or Fibonacci series is the sequence such that the numbers are basically the sum of previous numbers if u have 1,3 in the previous number then the series would be 1+3

Well, we've all been through this little math term called the "Fibonacci" series. Well, guess what now we're gonna make a  python program with it. Fibonacci series is basically a maths consecutive sums structure in which the series depicts the sum of previous two numbers like 

for example, 1 and 2 are the previous numbers 

then the series is : 1+2 = 3

And the numbers that you'll select the total numbers should be { n>1 }

Always remember this rule while you're trying to churn out the program try using the file in VSC code and run it on the terminal it will run fine.

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