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PY WORLD - Let's connect the online world with Python

By Rohit Naresh Saktel

PY WORLD is nothing but a GUI built with Python modules majoring in Tkinter and MYSQL for database.

PY WORLD is targeting to provide each individual with proper guidance on the coding environment in the online coding challenges platform, which is a major problem faced by a beginner.

For this project, MYSQL and Python mysql libraries are used to store the database or access users, and for that, we installed XAAMP on our operating system to gain databases support. (Note-It is a must for owner to install XAAMP on our operating system before working with Py World; otherwise, the user might face problems during runtime.) 

This GUI includes a set of seven queries in general, and these queries are updated on a daily basis (This update should be done by the owner manually before the next day by making changes to queries with their corresponding options for correct computation.). A user will be provided with a maximum of three tries to compute each query, and each correct query will lead to the next query and so on. A user will be redirected to queries after having gained access to the GUI with the help of login or sign-up windows.

In the project, queries are updated simply by making some changes in the text file that is used by the Python program. The queries used are generally input for strings and input for integers for different cases, with different types of inputs making use of filters and mapping, and proposed Python libraries, which are new for beginners and necessary while online coding, and many other different concepts that help users code online effectively.

1. As per the source code of the project, each query should not exceed one line.

2. Next to the query, possible options to be updated one line at a time without making a separation using a blank line.

The source code is planned in such a way that if it fails, then possibly you will not get the desired proposed solution that you are looking for. Therefore, it is a must to follow up on proposed conditions. If you are not willing to do that, then make the changes as per what you need in the source code. Or you can make use of the.json extension file for storing queries, but for that too, you need to make changes in the source code.

After finding the correct solution to each query, PY WORLD will redirect to a window where the user will ask for feedback, which, as per your experience, can make your mark.


Below is the attached file of the source code of PY WORLD in zip format.

Take a look at it and see if you can find a fun online coding environment.

Download Complete Code


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