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Python Automated Birthday Email Sender using Pandas library

By Deevanshi Sharma

This python program will automatically send Birthday wishes mails to your friends and colleagues on their birthday using your email credentials.

This is a Python language program that automates birthday wishes mails to your friends and colleagues on their birthdays. Basically, the program will check if there's any birthday today and then mail the birthday person your wishes. 

The program uses 6 main libraries:







Now to begin setup you need to create an excel sheet with records like Name, Email and, Birthday of your friends and colleagues to whom you want to send birthday mails.

Now you have a file that contains all the required data of your birthday mails recipients. So it is time to create some creative birthday messages for them. Create at least 3 .txt files (birthday letters) and name them as letter_1.txt, letter_2.txt, letter_3.txt, etc and save these files inside the folder letters.

The basic approach of this program is:

For the sending email part, a function sendEmail() has been defined which will start a Gmail session, send the email, and quit the session. And in the driver code section, the program reads the data from the Excel sheet and matches today’s date with any of the birthdays. If there is a match, sendEmail() function is called. Also, ToastNotifier from the win10toast library is used to show desktop notifications once the e-mail has been sent successfully.


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