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Python-based Crowd Control using wireless technology in Public Places via Virtual Counters

By Niranjan Tamhane

This Python and LAN-based project Provide a web app interface between Customer and Counterperson to communicate, exchange files, etc.

Title: Python-based Crowd Control using wireless technology in Public Places via Virtual Counters

Programming Language Used: Python 3.8

Technologies used:
Framework: Django
Hardware: Wireless Routers to extend the network

       This Python and Django-based local server provides an interface for communication between customer and counter person. These servers can be designed for different domain, for now, only school and college domain is included in this packet. Counters are users and customers are virtual users. Each counter has its managing thread that holds variables like virtual customers, timers of all customers, answers queries of the customers.
Idea was that if people are in the virtual queue then they will not rush and will maintain Social Distance on their own. And Their queries will be solved faster as tasks like forms, paperwork is submitted digitally so time is saved.

To Test:
If you want to create a virtual environment then it's a better idea that won't damage internal python.
Install packages given in the readme file.
Start virtual Environment by "venv/Scripts/activate" in command prompt being in Project directory.

Then Change the Directory by the "cd " command.

Admin Django: niranjantamhane

password: pr123

The system works on Windows, Linux, and Android systems if required python environment is available. If a counter is added or removed server should be restarted do this work at the start of the day. Only one counter user can acquire only a single counter. Don't create multiple counters for a single active user.

1. Dashboard for counter and upper authority.
2. Special request page from customers to upper authority.
3. File share between customers and counters.
4. Form creation(beta) and google form embedded insert and modification and deletion feature, background addition, pick and drop objects.
5. Query creation for each counter and if the customer has another query from the listing of the counter then he/she can place his/her unique query.
6. Counters have to answer and non-answering mode to control the timers of their customers.

The Reason behind the Project:
The covid-19 situation is a motivation for this project. Public places are not safe and lockdown will continue till the infection rate decreases. The infection spreads through the touching and taking and giving of things. People will get tired and will come out for financial survival. Therefore, we need to upgrade the traditional counter systems to new wireless counter systems.


1)This is the main Index page for Customers: Customer will select required
Counter here

Index Page of Customers

2) Single Counter View: Customers place queries share files after selecting the counter needed they may select Form here and fill and submit

Single Counter View

3) After the Customer is answered new page load and shows answers.

Answered Customer View

4) Customer's Request to Upper Authority View

Customers Request to Upper Authority View

5) Counter Person View Dashboard Here Start Answering button starts and stops the timer of the customers so they get answered. A number of people in Queue are shown.

Counter Dashboard

6) All Customers table: Below all customers can be seen clicking on the All Customers option.

Counter's All Customers table View

7) All Customers table: Below all customers can be seen clicking on the All Customers option.
Counter Profile Editor View


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