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Python Doremon Project

By Pragati Khairnar

Python Doremon Project is made using Turtle module and displays doremon drawing at the end.

When you run the file you we can see a cursor (Turtle) that draws the doremon character step by step, I have used the following functions

penup()Picks up the turtle’s Pen

pendown()Puts down the turtle’s Pen

goto()Move the turtle to position x,y

fill colour ()Changes the colour of the turtle will use to fill a polygon

begin_fill()Remember the starting point for a filled polygon

end_fill()Close the polygon and fill with the current fill colour.

fd()Close the polygon and fill with the current fill colour

position()Returns the current position

seth()for position north,south,east,west

circle()draws a circle

pensize()to adjust pensize

Using this method the graphic doremon image is formed.






Download Complete Code


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