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Python GUI for QRcode scanner using OpenCV

By Mandar Anil Kulkarni

The project contains a python program that makes a simple GUI to convert a Qr code to text.

This is a simple Python project which creates a Graphical user interface (GUI) using Tkinter library, the project aims at converting Qr codes to text messages. The user has to click on the "upload an image" button and select the desired Qrcode image, The converted text is then displayed on the GUI.

Execute the following commands to download the required libraries 

pip install pyzbar
pip install tkinter
pip install numpy
pip install cv2

The zip file contains .ipynb and .py files along with the "codespeedy.png" test image on which you can test the code.

Steps to execute the project :

1. Download the required libraries using the above commands

2. Run the code, GUI will pop up asking to upload an image

3. Upload the desired image and the converted will be displayed on the UI


Download Complete Code


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