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Python Music Player

By Pragati Khairnar

Python Music Player Application is a basic Music Player where you can select the directory load the songs and play them.

In the Music Player application I have used 3 modules :

Pygame - To use the dot mixer function and dot load function to add music in the Listbox.

Mutagen - Mutagen is used to handle audio metadata as we require certain dot extension files example dot Mp3.

Tkinter - Tkinter is used for displaying the Listbox adding buttons to the application to make the use of the application easy.

When you run the file it will ask you to choose the directory where your music is stored, even if you have mixed files in it like images and videos this application will only pick up the files with mp3 extension and load the song in the list box now you will be able to see the song list, play the previous song, next song and stop the song.

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