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Fully functional CRUD RESTful API with Flask and Mongodb

By Abirami Somasundaram

To build a Flask application that handles the operations of a CRUD API- Create ,Read,Update and Display records with the help MongoDB as database.

CRUD is a REST-based API that depicts the operations that are handled over by any database.
The four major functions are to CREATE, READ, UPDATE AND DELETE records where these match to the HTTP methods of GET, POST, DELETE and PUT.
Flask is a Python microframework that offers easy integration with databases like MongoDB, SQLAlchemyand PostgreSQL.

This program considers the _id, name, email, and password as entries of each object/record stored in the database.
The prerequisites/libraries required to execute this project can be obtained by simply executing the command "pip install -r requirements.txt" inside your project directory and for implementing the operation "flask run" command in your shell would do.


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Submitted by Abirami Somasundaram (abby711)

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