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Python YouTube video downloader UI

By Mandar Anil Kulkarni

This Project creates a UI that allows users to paste a youtube link and download it. The user has to copy a required Youtube video link and paste it in the text input widget.

This is a simple Python project which creates a Graphical user interface (GUI) using Tkinter library, The UI asks the user for a link that he/she has to download, once the user paste the youtube link, the video is downloaded

Execute the following commands to download the required libraries 

pip install tkinter
pip install youtube_dl

The zip file contains .ipynb and .py files

Steps to run the project :

1] Install the required libraries using the above commands

2] Run the .py or the .ipynb file, copy the youtube video link and paste it in the text input section of the GUI

3] Click the download button, the video will be downloaded. 

Youtube videos cannot be downloaded directly on the device, hence this project is very useful.

Download Complete Code


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