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Qr code generator and reader in Python using Qrcode and OpenCV modules

By Guru prasad

This project uses Qr code and OpenCV module from Python to generate a qr code based on the given content and to read it in 10lines

QRcode and OpenCV are two modules in Python which we will be using in this project, firstly we will be importing the qrcode module to make use of its inbuilt class function to generate a unique qr code for the content we provide. Then we will be using OpenCv module to read the generated qr code or any other qr code we have using its inbuilt functions and extract the encoded data.

There are two files in this project, one to generate the qr code and the other to read it. Both of them should be run separately to get the desired output. If you have a qr code image existing already, you can go ahead to the read file give the path of your qr code in the required place and run the file to extract data or else you can run the qr code generator first, you can add whatever content you want to be encoded in the required place, it can be sentences, words, links etc... Then run the file to generate the qr and read it for validation using the read file.

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