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Queue operations Using Linked List In C++

By Sandhya yegireddi

This is queue operations using the linked list in C++, which includes en queue, dequeuing, finding peek element, and reversing the queue.

The queue is a data structure that follows FIFO(first in first out) technology that is inserted from the first end and deleted from another end. Here we are using a contiguous memory location to store the elements in FIFO order, the memory location is a linked list.

the queue operations are enqueueing, dequeue, peek element, is empty, reverse.

Enqueue - inserting element from the front end of the queue.

Dequeue - Deleting the element from the back end of the queue.

peek - finding the topmost element of the queue.

Isempty - finding either the queue contains elements or not.

Reverse - Reversing the elements in the queue.


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