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Quick Answer Game using JAVA, SWING & AWT


This is a quick answer game application program using Java, Swing & AWT libraries. This game will help you to train your mind by improving your calculation speed.

Title: Quick answer game using Java, Swing, and AWT programming language.

Description: This is a Quick answer game application program, it helps you to quickly calculate numbers in your brain. Here we perform three basic arithmetic operations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication. You have to give an answer within 5 seconds.

Requirements: 1. Java IDE,

                        2. Java Programing Knowledge,

                        3. Swing, AWT concepts, etc.


If you press the "Play" button then the game will be started.


Within 5 seconds you have to choose the correct answer and continue with the game.


Below the game section, your score will be counted.


If you choose any wrong answer then a popup menu will be given, if you press the yes button then the application will restart the game. But if you choose the No button then a "Quit" menu will be given. And if you choose the "Cancel" button then the application will exit the game.


And finally, if you press the "Quit" button then the program will be stopped.

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