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Quiz Arena, A Web Development project using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

By Gaurav Kumar

Web Development project created by making the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for quiz games.

It is basically a quiz platform created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It consists of a welcome page with a brief description of the platform, a contact page for reaching out to the admin, and lastly the main quiz page.

The Welcome Page consists of a beautiful image of the cosmos in the background, some information about the quizzing platform, navigation buttons for home and contact, and last but not least "Take Quiz" button that links to the main quiz page.

CSS has been used for designing the welcome page. Javascript is used to store the answers for the quiz. On the quiz page, different actions are performed based on the attempt made by the user. "You made them all right" message is displayed for submission with all correct answers, a correct answer message is displayed for every wrong submission and an alert called "You're not done yet" is displayed for incompleted attempts.

Changes can be made as per the requirements.

Thank You!!!

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