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Quiz Game in C++

By Akash.p.patil

The Quiz Game in C++ is a project in which you can ask 10 questions to the player which contains four options in which he has to choose only 1 option.

The Quiz Game in C++ project is based on a quiz of 10 questions in which the player has to answer the question which contains four options, in which only one option is correct, and choose the option with the corresponding number(Ex. 1,2,3,4). if the player's answer is correct he is awarded 10 points and if the answer is wrong player gets 0 points. and after answering 10 questions if the player's score is 70 points or greater than 70 points he passes the quiz and if the player's score is less than 70 points he failed the quiz.

if you want to edit the questions in the program, just open the source code in your editor.

after that just change the parameters of the "Set_Question()" function like as follows:

q.Set_Question("question","option_1","option_2","option_3","option_4", correct option , points )


   q.Set_Question("1.India is a federal union comprising twenty-nine states and how many union territories?","6","7","8","9", 2 ,10 );

after that save the program and run it!.

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