Coders Packet


By Gubba Chandana

This is Simple Quiz Game with 10 Questions Which helps you to test knowledge in G.K and Basic C and CPP fields ,where you can also view your score and performance, in C++ programming language.

Hello, This is Project where it is named as "QUIZ GAME IN CPP" as the name itself preferring that it's source code created in CPP programming language, Firstly entering into quiz done by registering your details like Name, Age and Area, Later it shows some guidelines which helps the user to continue quiz with ease which gives basic crux of the quiz, Later it moves on to quiz which contains 10 questions on some miscellaneous Topics which contains 4 choices, And user needs to answer anyone from that, then itself you will get the answer is right or wrong, where you can know the correct answer. Later after completion of that you can view your Score and next can know your Performance based on your score, header files used in this program are iostream and string, Finally, you can exit. Hope you like it!!

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