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Quizzy Bee - An online quiz application in HTML, CSS & JavaScript

By Hansika Nilesh Amrutkar

In this project, I have created a simple online quiz application using HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

Quizzy Bee - An online quiz application

In an online quiz application built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, packets are the units of data transmitted between the server and the client. Each packet contains the necessary information for the client side to display a quiz question, such as the question text and answer options, as well as the necessary metadata, such as the question number and the number of questions in the quiz.

HTML Code: The HTML part of code creates a div element with a class of "question", containing a heading element (h2) with the question text. The form element contains a group of radio buttons, each with a label indicating the answer option. The name attribute of each radio button is set to "q1" to identify which question is being answered, and the value attribute is set to the corresponding answer option.

CSS Code: Css file of our code sets the margin, padding, and border properties of the "question" class to create a visually distinguishable container for each quiz question. The h2 element is styled to increase its font size and boldness, making it stand out as the question text. The label elements are displayed as block elements and spaced apart using margin-bottom to create a clear separation between each answer option. Finally, the radio buttons are aligned and spaced using margin-right, making them easier to interact with.

JavaScript: To handle the submission of the answer, JavaScript code can be added to listen for the submit event on the form element, and retrieve the selected radio button using the document.querySelector() method. The value of the selected radio button can then be compared to the correct answer, and the score can be incremented accordingly.

To ensure a seamless user experience, the quiz application should make use of AJAX to submit the user's answers to the server without requiring a page refresh. This can be achieved using the XMLHttpRequest object to send the user's answers to the server and receive the next question in response.

In summary, I have created a basic app that takes input from the user as an answer and stores it. We can add the code accordingly for the purpose of feedback and all.



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Submitted by Hansika Nilesh Amrutkar (Hansika321)

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