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Railway Tickets Reservation System Using C++

By Sandhya yegireddi

This project is about booking Railway Tickets of passengers to travel in railways and it is developed using C++.

Railways are the mass transportation Systems That are helpful for passengers to travel early and conveniently with less cost compared to remaining travels. Railway Tickets booking online Will help customers to optimize time and use it conveniently. Not only to the customers but also it is useful to provide service by the government. In This Project, there are functions to check the availability of trains with their timings i.e both start and end timings and for booking a ticket another function is used.

In this, there is information about the type of journey i.e 3A,2A,1A, or General, and its cost is based on it. Users need to enter their information for booking a ticket. for booking tickets, they have to use their ATM card details here. After completion of paying money, your booking will be successful by generating a Pnr number for each ticket.

Another process is the cancellation process. Sometimes people wanted to cancel their journey for some reason then they can cancel the tickets before the train departure. So, it will be helpful to them that they will get some amount back as a refund for cancellation based on the period the ticket is canceled before departure.

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