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Random mobile number generator for India using C++

By Sreekar Reddy Boyapally

This C++ project can generate the desired number of random mobile numbers that work in India only.

In C++, generating random numbers at a stretch leads to significant time and space complexity. To avoid these complexities, C++ has rand() function in its standard library, which can be used to generate a random number. Rand() can be used to create random numbers in the range of [0, RAND_MAX].

Initially, the main() function takes the values of 'count', which is an integer that holds the number of random numbers to be generated by the system. Then there is a feature where we can choose any number from 6 to 9 as the first digit of the random numbers. Then getrandomdigit() function is called 'count' number of times. Getrandomdigit() holds the rand() funtion. Srand() seeds the pseudo-random number generator used by rand().

The final outcome of the project delivers 'count' number of random mobile numbers.


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Submitted by Sreekar Reddy Boyapally (bsreekar)

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