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Random OTP Generator In Python

By Prachi Namdeo

Here, we implemented a program to generate OTP with a single click in Python. With the help of Tkinter and a random module, we created an OTP generator with little use of the GUI component.

In this, we implemented a program to generate OTP(One Time Password) by using Tkinter and a random module.

Firstly, it is necessary to import Tkinter and random modules.

Then we created a button click function to generate the event. In this, we define the concept of OTP by using the randint library. randint() generates random integer values.

After that, we created a root window and hold its reference.

Then we created a frame and with the help of its reference, we propagate it and pack it.

Then we created a button and link it with buttonClick() and with it reference pack it.

In the end, with the reference of a root, we call mainloop()  mainloop is a method of Tk that starts the event loop of the window.

By this, we implement a random OTP generator in Python.



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