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RAZ MAN game using Python

By Sushobit Raina

RAZ MAN game python source code A-Z is a game inspired by the legendary game PAC-Man but in this packman or razman vaccinates the bug or the ghost.

My own duplicate of an exemplary Pacman game made with the assistance of Python
As in a unique game the objective is to eat all white balls that are arranged on the guide.
The game incorporates phantoms, that are continually pursuing a player.

The player can eat energizers that make the phantoms terrified and they are taking off in the various corners, it is known as a scared mode, however, if one of the apparitions reaches their corner, they begin pursuing you once more. In the terrifying mode, the player can eat phantoms and get a few extra scores.

For the way search, Lee calculation (wave structure search) was utilized.

Blinky (red apparition): takes the area of the Pacman and goes to it utilizing the most limited way.
Pinky (pink apparition): takes the area of the pacman, then its course, and as an objective point utilizes the phone that is on the four cells further from a Pacman thinking about its heading.

Inky (blue apparition): takes the place of a Blinky and two cells further because of the bearing of a Pacman, makes a vector, then duplicates it and the last point is its objective.

Clyde (orange apparition): it takes a Pacman position as an objective point, however for the situation if a distance between pacman and a Clyde is under eight cells, in the event that not he is remaining in the down left corner.

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