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Reddit autonomous bot using Python

By Chethan kumar

Python file consists of reddit bot to autonomously reply to posts with random jokes and also it lets people know the COVID stats of specific places

This Reddit autonomous Bot is a Python-based auto-responder.

Note: The bot is designed to run in r/test, a subreddit that is created for the testing bot. so you can create a subreddit in your Reddit application and can run the bot to test the outputs

In file

A Reddit bot that gives COVID-19 stats of a specific region to Redditors based on their post title. To get it up and running, add the PRAW library to Python using pip install praw. 

Here, add a bot, like shown below:

First login to the Reddit application where you will get client_id and client_secret and enter your Reddit password and username in the code

Once you complete this process you can run the program and see the results in your Reddit application

it is the output of


This file bot replies a random joke to the comment '!joke'

it is the output of


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Submitted by Chethan kumar (chethankumar8604)

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