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By Sammed Shantinath Kage

This Packet gives an idea about how to use AWT concepts for designing projects This project provides an online billing facility after choosing options made with event handling and validation.



This is a simple java project where one can register herself/himself for online courses like C, CPP, JAVA, DS, ADS, and python as per their requirements.
Project is mostly used by coaching classes or colleges.

The language used: JAVA.

Concepts: AWT, Event handling, Exception handling.

Project workflow is given as below:

Step 1. Run project, the Registration form will appear on screen with date, personal details, and course-related details.

Step 2. one needs to fill up all the information that has been required.

Step 3. The most important part, the user has been provided with multiple options where the user can choose one or many courses at a time by checking in boxes with given fees.

Step 4. The project gives the facility to uncheck the box if the user wants any changes to be made, according to it will get changed automatically it is possible due to event handling.

Step 5. When the user is done with filling up the form then the total fee amount will be shown in the TOTAL section. eg. If one will select c, and JAVA course, totally becomes Rs 7000. So one need to pay 7000

Step 6. When all details get filled in and the user clicks on CONFIRM her/his admission gets confirmed after payment is done.
This is how a simple registration form application is made with advanced facilities.





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