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Registration Form with form validation using Javascript, Bootstrap & HTML

By Harshita Gupta

This project uses the Bootstrap framework and built using HTML and JavaScript. It is a registration form that can validate the data entered by the user in the form itself after you click submit.

This registration form validates all the fields of the form, i.e., name, email, passwords, and their lengths. 

Steps to run this on your pc-

1. Download the zip file on your system and extract the folder.

2. In the folder, open the file named RegForm.html, it will open in the default browser of your system.

3. You are all set!!, now you can use the form and see it from there.


If some fields are left empty, it shows the red text as an alert:


Validation of email address entered:


If passwords do not match it shows alert:

If everything in the form is valid, then the form is submitted and green text shows up as a sign of successful registeration.

Download Complete Code


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