Coders Packet

Rename multiple files in Java

By Sher Singh G

Java Code to rename multiple file from long and different names to short continuous numerical names.

Often, files like images from the camera when imported to the workspace for analysis or to be used in code, have large file names which makes it difficult to type them again and again while testing them through code. And a number of files may be too many to rename individually. So, this Packet helps in renaming multiple files at once while shortening file names to numerical.


This Packet contains Java code to rename multiple files at once. This program is designed to rename files to continuous integers starting from 0. 


General Instructions

  1. Import the code into any Java IDE.
  2. Type or copy-paste your file folder path in the code
  3. Change the extension of the file to your desire
  4. Run the code.


Download Complete Code


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