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Report Management System using C++ and MySQL

By Mallapuram Sai Hrithik

This project is on a report management system that is implemented using C++ and MySQL with various operations making it user-friendly.

The project has many operations which are listed as follows:

1 - New report

2 - Delete Report

3 - Edit Report

4 - Display all

5 - Class Average

6 - Failed Candidates

7 - Search with Roll number


Each report consists of roll number, name, marks of 3 subjects, average, and grade.

on creating a new report system generates a roll number for the student which also shows their average and their grade which is calculated based on their average.

As stated above this project displays class average and failed candidates.

candidate's report can be seen with their roll number being taken as input.





Download CodeBlocks-16.01migw-setup.exe

3. Mysql Header Folder which is attached to the project.

4. DEV C++


Detailed Instruction on how to connect front-end and back-end is given in the "README.txt" File.


Note:-  Basic Knowledge of SQL is required.


Download Complete Code


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