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Restaurant Billing System Using Java

By Pakshal Bhairav Jain

Restaurant Bill Management system is a billing system developed using "Java-Programming-Language", this type of system can be seen in many places used for generating restaurant bills.

Restaurant Bill Management system is a billing system developed using "Java-Programming-Language", this type of system can be seen in many places used for generating restaurant bills.

This system is considered as a daily basis using the system. The main target of my project is to store customer information just as customer name, address, phone no., total bill amount, etc. in the database using “My-SQL-Query-Language”. This project is set to have different options such as add orders, cancel orders, option for home delivery, etc. The purpose is nothing but to reduce the manual work of such restaurant or hotel systems.

The project aims in developing a computerized billing system to maintain daily basis transactions. The main reason for storing information is its very helpful for government authorities to grab the data if anything happened to the customer. Else this also has a home delivery selection option so staff can easily locate customer residence.

In this project, I have used mainly “Java-Programming-Language” for designing the billing form. Designed billing form provides many options like food items, Cold drinks, Hot drinks, Deserts, Home delivery if want, etc. following to restaurants service. By adding items it calculates the total bill including taxes. Database maintenance is made efficient as it's easy to access data for an authorized person.

So this is how the final bill is calculated and the receipt/bill is generated.


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