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Restaurant Management POS Front View Using HTML & CSS

By Hemanth Bharadwaj

This is a source code that displays the front-end view of the restaurant food order management system by using HTML & CSS.

This is an HTML & CSS source code design to view the restaurant order management. In this tutorial, I used HTML & CSS to display the Point of Sale Terminal front-end view for the restaurant food order management.

Point of Sale terminals simplify the order-taking process, so you can place more orders faster and generate more revenue. This tutorial shows the tables in the restaurant, food menu, and order history. In the end payment options and order closing are also displayed in this code.

I used website layout property, multiple columns property, and grid view with hover dropdown property to build this page. 

Point of Sale terminal is used by every restaurant nowadays, it is easy to take orders and send the food order to the chef in kitchen and printing bill.

So the below image is a front-view of the POS terminal of the restaurant.

Restaurant Management Terminal view

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