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Resume builder maker using Java Swing, AWT and File Handling in Java

By Supriya Bauddh

In this Java tutorial, we are going to develop a Resume Builder Maker. This project uses some Java swing functionalities to provide GUI and File Handling to store username and password.



This is a basic resume maker. It is divided into three sections - personal details, education, experience. And final resume is made by combining all three sections.



Basic functionalities used in this project are -


  1. Login Page -

      Registered users can log in to their accounts to use this resume builder.

               Login page

  1. Sign-up Page -

            New users can register in this section and get their accounts created.


  1. Personal Details -

       Users have to fill in the fields like name, father’s name, DOB, nationality, phone number, and email id.

               personal details

  1. Educational Details -

      Users have to fill the fields for school, college, and university and their respective joining and passing years. One more field of Languages known.

               Educational details

  1. Experience -

      Users have to fill in their internship details.



  1. Final Resume Output -

      The final output of the resume comes out after combining personal, education, and experience sections.





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