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Resume Generator using C++

By Kunal patel

This Project is to generate the Resume of the user using C++ in which the user can generate their Resume by entering Valid data.

It is a Resume generator project in C++ in which users can generate a Resume by entering valid data. The user can see the default template of the Resume. The Resume has all the data that is required to build a professional Resume like name, address, email, phone, education details, experience details,  project details, technical skills, languages, certificates and training, and awards. If a user enters the wrong format for the mobile number that is if the user enters less than or more than 10 numbers in it the program will ask the user to enter correct mobile number. The program also checks if the user has entered a valid email-id and if not then ask the user to enter the correct email-id.

User can perform the following operations:

1. Create a new Resume.

2. See default Resume Template.

3. Quit the program.

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