Coders Packet

SBI employee salary database scraper in python3 (requires manual captcha filling)

By Narender Bhadu

This packet contains a script which can be used to scrap sbi employee salary database. A GUI interface can be used to scrap data or it can be used in other projects.

STEP 1 : to scrap database simply run file in a terminal

STEP 2 : start scrapping using start button in UI window.


STEP 3 : fill the catcha and hit enter

fill captcha here

STEP 4 : keep filling the captch till you get Scrapping done message


STEP 5 : all csv files are saved in data folder to combine in one file press "create one csv" or just exit

Required liberary ( > python3)

1. io

2. time

3. requests

4. tkinter

5. bs4

6. re

7. pandas

8. os

working and defination of each function used are explained in example.ipynb

Download Complete Code


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