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School Fee Enquiry Using C++ programming language

By Abhinav Snehil

Users have to choose the given option accordingly. And the project will work as per the option selected by the user. It has been done using the C++ language.

Run the setup file that is uploaded as a zip file below, the user has to choose the required option and suppose the user opted to modify option then it will ask to enter the class for modification of fee structure and then it will ask from the user that do you want to modify the fee structure if yes then the user has to enter the new tuition fee, annual charges fee, science fee, computer fee, and activity fee after that again it will ask that do you want to save if yes then the new fee will be generated and save. There are other options too user will have to choose according to the requirement and then data will be updated accordingly and after completing the work user can choose the quit option and come out of the project file.

Download Complete Code


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