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Scientific Calculator using Python Tkinter

By Sinjini Ghosh

GUI based scientific calculator capable of performing a variety of mathematical functions

This is a GUI based scientific calculator capable of performing the following operations:

1. Basic arithmetic operations: +, -, *, /

2. Trigonometric operations: sin, cos, tan

3. Inverse trigonometric operations

4. Logarithm

5. Exponentiation

6. Factorial

7. Absolute value

8. Square root

9. Modulus (Finding the remainder of division)

Modules used:

--> tkinter: Tkinter is a standard python library used for building GUI applications. 

--> math: The math module contains several mathematical functions 

Python IDE used: Pycharm

The zipped folder attached contains the executable file along with the code. The executable file should run on any windows computer. 


Download Complete Code


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