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Searching on Wikipedia by Python

By Dolly Ukande

It is created in Python and I have used pywhatkit library. It will help the user to get a Wikipedia summary of the required topic.

The following is the process to do the Wikipedia search using Python.


pip install pywhatkit

Explanation in detail

This is an easy project which is used to do a Wikipedia search using Python.

import pywhatkit

I have shown a print message "Let's generate Wikipedia summary"

Then I have taken two variables 

1) target1 - this variable will input the topic user wants to get a Wikipedia summary for.

2) lines - this variable will take input by the user for no. of lines of the summary is required. 


After pressing the run button,

1) User will see a message "Let's do Wikipedia search".

2)Then in the next line user will get instruction by another print message "Enter the topic/ word to search".

3)After the following instruction, the User will get another instruction by the print message "Enter the no. of lines summary is required".

4)After following the instruction user will get the Output.



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