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Securing Cyber Physical Systems through Tiny Encryption Algorithm using C++

By Shaik Haseeb Ur Rahman

In this project, I have implemented the Tiny Encryption Algorithm in C++ language which can be used to secure cyber-physical systems.

Cyber-physical systems are tight conjoining of and co-ordination between the computational and physical resources. Some of the Cyber-physical systems are smart grids, medical monitoring, process control systems, robotics systems, and also automatic pilot avionics. This can be secured using the Tiny Encryption Algorithm. The Tiny Encryption Algorithm(TEA) is among one of the efficient and fastest cryptographic algorithms in existence. It’s is a symmetric-private key encryption algorithm and hence it is easy to implement. It’s designed to minimize memory footprint and maximize speed hence better than the other existing algorithms. It achieves Shannon's properties of complete diffusion and confusion without the employment of S & P boxes, after only six rounds but thirty-two rounds are recommended. Hence, using this algorithm we can secure our cyber-physical systems.

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