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Security System Application using C ++

By Priyanka Biswas

This is a small project using C++ showcasing a security system application, which allows users to change the existing password by the new one and access the file data by the existing password.

The project is all about accessing a text file that contains the password. The file needs to save in '.txt' format in the same folder where the code is saved. The application uses two header files i.e iostream and system.

It has 3 options:

Option 1: Change the password - it allows the user to change the password saved in the Text.txt file. Choosing this option will first ask for the old password saved if the old password matches with the password entered by the user, then it will allow changing the password else it will show to enter the valid password. Now if the user entering the old password matches with the old password saved in the file, then it asks to enter a new password also to confirm if both the password matches, it will save the new password in the Text.txt file.

Option 2: Login - it allows the user to access data stored by entering the correct password which matches with the password stored in the Text.txt file. Although this project doesn't show the implementation of writing back the data to the console. But this the way it can be done later.

Option 3: Quit the program - choosing this option will terminate the program.

Output Screen

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