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Security System(C++)

By Rocky Kumar

This is a C++ project which involves a saved(private) password in a file and when we enter the right password then we can able to access the data inside the file.

This security system project involves C++ source code.

Working of the source code:- First, create a file in which a private password can be saved. I created three features in the code.

1) Change the password- For this 1st you have to enter the older password and if you enter the right password then it will ask for the new password that's it and if you enter the wrong password then you'll not able to change the password.

2) Login panel to see the data - It will ask for a saved password for access to the data inside the file, if you will enter the right password then you will be able to access the all data inside the file otherwise you will be not able to see the data.

3) Quit the program - For this feature, you just have to enter a fixed inter to exit the program.

Uses of This system:-

1) This type of system can be used in banks, hospitals, college administrations to secure very important file details with passwords.

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