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Sentiment Analysis GUI using vaderSentiment and Tkinter in Python

By Pooja S Deshpande

This project helps you to build a simple Tkinter GUI in Python to analyze sentiment type as "positive" / "negative" / "neutral" of the .txt file using the vaderSentiment library.


This packet helps you build a Python GUI to input a .txt file and analyze its sentiment percentage of positivity, negativity, and neutrality.

This functionality is provided by the vaderSentiment library in Python. vaderSentiment allows you to analyze the sentiment of a simple comment or feedback statement and provides polarity score values of positivity, negativity, neutrality. Along with these scores, it also gives the compound score that tells whether the overall sentiment of the statement is positive, negative, or neutral.

We conclude the overall sentiment to be positive when the compound score is closer to +1; to be negative when closer to -1 and neutral otherwise.


Steps to Execute:

1) Download the zip

2) pip install vaderSentiment (open cmd and navigate to "Scripts" folder of your Python3.x folder and then execute this command in cmd as below)

3) Now open and run the "" file from the zip and test the program on "sample_example.txt" which is provided in the zip.


(You will see the following output when run on "sample_example.txt" :)

Download Complete Code


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