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Shop Management System using Data Structures in C++

By Harshit Garg

This is a console based shop management system using hashing and other data structures in C++. This made the complete working of shop digital.

This is a Shop Management system that is built using C++ (data structures like structures, arrays, file handling, STL ).

MY SHOP is an application that will help local shop vendors manage their orders, records Staff, Suppliers. Digitally. It will help them control and optimize their daily shop operations like placing orders, counter billing, trade supplies, locating item-shelf.

Although a lot of management software already exists in the market from some reputed tech giant companies, a lot of local shops still operate on manual levels due to therein awareness or due to high maintenance demands of this software.

With the coming up of the Digital India project and the enthusiasm of the current Indian government towards achieving complete digitalization in every sector of society, a lot of organizations, banks, industries are already digitalized. But in spite of all these efforts of the government, as already mentioned in the problem statement, small shops and local vendors in nooks and corners of the society are left behind. Our efforts are to bring these shops slowly and steadily to the mainstream digital market. This will help these small shopkeepers to grow and expand their business further and cope up with the rapidly growing online markets.

As mentioned above, our prime objective is to bring local level shops to the mainstream market and help them grow and face stiff competition from large-scale malls and online shopping platforms. During the initial phase of the project, we will develop an application to manage daily
shop operations like billing, managing orders, managing staff records. Our application will be able to perform the following operations:

1) It will manage the availability and supply of stocks and make sure enough stock is available or not.
2) It will maintain a record of the working staff and suppliers.
3) It will search for the location of a particular item in the store.
4) It will maintain the trade records of the store.
5) It will act like shop management and counter billing system.
6) This application reduces a lot of work for the staff as well as the owner.
7) And many more….

In the future scope of the project, we will try to connect several local shops together under an umbrella application where they can exchange goods, money flow, orders, etc among each other and help each other grow together. We will also try and bring them on the online platforms and therefore increasing the consumer market base.

This project will act as a savior for the small-scale shops dying due to stiff competition from malls and online shopping platforms and help in the overall development of the trade industries and society as a whole.
Features added in this-

1. Insertion of new Item in the list
2. Remove a product
3. Modify the product details
4. Auto check the stock
5. Find the location of the product using hashing
6. Generate bill for a customer
7. Generate the whole bill book.
8. AND MANY MORE...............

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