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Shortest Job First scheduling algorithm in Java

By Vipul Rajesh Chandankar

In this project shows the programmatic implementation of Shortest Job First Scheduling Algorithm in Java. Here we calculated the Average waiting time and Average Turn Around Time.

Shortest Job First (preemptive) : In this scheduling algorithm, the process with the smallest brust time is selected for execution. If a process with even a shorter burst time arrives, the current process is removed or preempted from execution, and the shorter job is allocated CPU cycle.

Pros :

1) SJF is frequently used in long term scheduling process.

2) It reduces the average Waiting Time for a specific set of process

3) It is appopriate for the job running in batch, where run time is known is advance.

Cons :

1) It require the knowledge about how long will process will run

2) It lead to starvation


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