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Shut down or Restart the Operating System using Python

By Naman Maheshwari

This is the basic Python program for Shut down or restarting the system by the os and Tkinter module.


This is the basic Python program used to shut down, restart, and log out of the system by the Python program.

Os module in Python provides functions interacting with the operating system and the OS is an inbuilt library of Python.


This Python program imports the Os and the Tkinter module to make the code.


This program is used to: -



3)Log out

4)Restart Time



They all have different commands used for different purposes of the program. It will immediately do the task on the operating system.

This code is being run just on the PowerShell or IDE output code of the Visual Studio code or by PyCharm. The function and different libraries use in that for the shutdown of the system and this module is the inbuilt Python module and by GUI.

All the best! Go and explore the given code. 

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Submitted by Naman Maheshwari (Namanm654)

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