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SignUp form using Java swing and JDBC in java

By Kriti Bhawsar

This signUp form is created using java swing library and JDBC(Java Database Connectivity) API. (Here, I am using MySQL to store the signup details of the user)

This SignUp form stores user information in a table in a database that can be further used to verify user details at the time of login. This SignUp form project contains a total of two classes, one is 'DBConnection' to establish a connection between java and MySQL, and the second class 'SignUpForm' which is a java JFrame class.  

           1) Firstly, we have to create a table with name 'SignUpDetails' in 'SignUp' database in MySQL using following command-
                mysql-> create table SignUpDetails(fname varchar(15), lname varchar(15), userid varchar(15) unique, password varchar(15), emailid                                            varchar(30) unique);
            2) Import mysql-connector-java-8.0.11.jar file and MySQL JDBC Driver in the libraries folder.      
            3) Now create a class DBConnection which establish a connection between java and MySQL-
                Connection url- "jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/SignUp" (where, SignUp is database name)
                Username- "root"   (set by you)
                password- "password"  (set by you)

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