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Simple Calculator in Java using Java Swing


This Project is done in Java using Java Swing concept. It does all the functionalities of a basic calculator and it is built using Java Swing, which makes it platform independent.

This packet comprises of implementation of basic calculator application.

This project is done in JAVA using Java Swing concept.

Now coming to the description and functionality of the code :

The packages included in this packet are java.swing,java.awt and java.awt.event.We use JFrame which acts like a main window, consists of components like buttons,textfield and labels,etc are added to create a Graphical user Interface.

We add all the Jcomponents such as (JTextField,Jbutton,JLabel,etc) for designing the components of the calculator such as number and functionality buttons and text area where the numbers are displayed. It can perform certain operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of any decimal numbers entered in the text area.

How to Run :

To compile the code, Open cmd and run the following command :


For executing the code, run the following command :

java Calculator

You will observe that the Calculator window is popped and you can do certain operations of your wish in it.

Download Complete Code


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