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Simple Dice Rolling Simulator in Python

By Shivani Bhimrao Choudhary

A "Simple Dice Rolling Simulator in Python" is a simple model of computer that helps to roll the dice for us.

This simple project is developed with the help of python using the random module. A random module is a built-in module in python to generate random-pseudo variables.
In this project, dice rolls in the form of Zero's(0). In this simulator the smallest value is one i.e.| 0 | and the greatest value is 6


| 0 0 |
| 0 0 |
| 0 0 |
The random.randint() function generates the random number between 1 to 6.

Rules & Regulations :
1) Each time to roll the dice, hit "r"
2) To end the program press any button except "r"

Requirements : Python on your machine/system

Instructions :
1) Go through the project
2) Download the packet and extract file
3) Run the "" file using terminal.

Download Complete Code


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