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Number Guessing Game using C++

By Shaik Jafar

This is a simple Number-guessing game in which the user has to guess a number generated by computer in stipulated number of chances. This is implemented in C++.

In this project, the user initially gives the input of the maximum limit upto which the computer should generate the number.

Then, He/She gives the Maximum number of chances to guess the number.

Then, the Game starts,

For each chance, the Computer asks the user to guess the number

If the guessed number is smaller than the generated number, it outputs "It is Smaller"

or if it is greater, It outputs "It is Greater"

or else when the guessed number matches the generated number, It outputs "You Won !!"

When the user gets out of chances but still hasn't guessed the generated number then he/she loses and the Computer the reveals the number.

NOTE: This project is implemented using C++ programming language.

The user interaction is as follows:

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