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Simple Login System Using Python

By Majji Yeswanth Raj

It is a simple login system using Python which can be used for logging into a users account.

This is a simple login system using python in which a user can log in to the account. This login system takes the name and password as inputs from the user and validates the information entered with the details present in the dictionary. If the credentials match then the user gets logged into his/her account. It also has a feature that shows the user who is currently logged in. In addition, the user gets five chances in total to enter the password if he types it wrong. After using five chances, the process gets finished automatically.

No libraries are required to run this program since it uses all the rudimentary concepts in Python.

Download the zip file "Login". After downloading the file extract it and run it.

You can use this file in projects where login is imperative. For instance, in an e-commerce website.

Download Complete Code


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