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Simple Login Web page using HTML & CSS


This is a Simple Login Web Page project built using HTML&CSS. It is used to build a unique digital profile about the user specifically. It enhances the security of the user's account.

Hello guys... Here I am going to explain my project which I have built using HTML & CSS. The title of my project is the Simple Login Web page.


A login page is a page that acts as an entry page on most websites to protect the user's account. It requires users' identification and authentication to enter the websites or to access their profiles.

So, In this project, I have created a simple webpage that contains the Login module.

element is used to create this login module which asks the user to enter their E-mail id and also their unique password which is mandatory to access their profile on the website.

Necessary Tags have been used to create a simple webpage. It also contains the navbar buttons and those buttons are the features of this webpage.

At last, to make it more attractive, CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) has been used to style up the Webpage and link in the HTML file.


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