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Simplex equation Solver in JavaScript

By Sanjoy Layek

It is a Simplex equation solver project using JavaScript programming language where one can enter the simplex equation and the program will output the results in tabular format.

Simplex Method is to get the optimal solution to a linear programming problem.

It is takes in the contraints as   

for ex:-

let constraint equations = [



 [1,-1,3,'<='] ].

And prints the output in table format if the equation is solvable.

The Simplex Methods is solved by:-

  1. By constructing the initial simplex table from the equation
  2. The column with the most negative value is identified as the column.
  3. Then we calculate the Quotient(It is calculated by dividing the values of the far right with the column we got now) and get the minimum one. (values greater than zero are considered)
  4. Then we perform pivoting and make all the entries in column one.
  5. Repeat this until there are no negative values in the bottom row 





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