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Single player Pong Game using Python

By Katha Roy

This Python project is a single player pong game, where the bar is used as the launcher for the pong/ball. Target of the game is to every time place the hovering pong on the bar.

Playing instruction

The bar where the ball is to be launched every time is controlled by left (<) and right (>) arrow of the keyboard.TAfter launching the ball can be bounced using the boundaries of the game window.


Scoring system for the game

+1 for every succesful attempt.Score would be deducted(-1) for every failure.


Requirements for the project

The code is in Python 3.9.1([version 2.7]or higher will work).



import pygame



1)To run the code from cmd, type "python".
2)The code can run on any python IDE like Visual Studio Code.

Download Complete Code


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