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Song Library Management System using C++

By kumari Ayushi Sinha

The song library management system is developed using C++ programming language. Once an account is created and user logs in he can add, delete and sort songs from library.

This program implements a song library management system. It has the following modules:
1. Login
2. Create a new Account
3. Add Songs to a playlist
4. Remove Songs from the playlist
5. Display the playlist
6. Sort playlist by year
7. Edit user details
The song library management system helps the user create a new account and then log in with the registered user id and password. Once the user logs in, he can add songs, delete songs, sort the playlist and update user credentials using this system.


1) Download and extract the zip file and open it in the C++ IDE of your choice
2) Compile and Run
3)SignUp with your desired username and password. The password should be at least six characters long.
4)Use the same username and password now to log in to your account.
5)After logging in, choose the operations from the menu and enter the required details.
6)Once done with all the tasks, the user can log out.

Download Complete Code


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