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Python-based Decentralised Space Management System across multiple computers in LAN

By Niranjan Tamhane

Python Project balance the space of all the computers in the same Local network by doing simple File operations including transfer across the Local network.

Title: Python-based Decentralised Space Management System across multiple computers in LAN

Programming Language Used: Python 3.8/3.9

Technologies used: Django, PyQt5

       Computers in the same network should able to share resources and manage space by and transfer files. This system doesn't let a drive get full more than 80% of its capacity. If a drive is full or filled more than its 80% capacity then balancing Function moves files from one drive to another where it finds space. If there is no enough space in the same System then it finds space in other systems and sends the file to other Systems. Files are moved safely firstly copied and if copied properly then the only original file is deleted. All the transfer, receive, copy-file, delete work is tracked by logging every task done by the System.

TO Test:
Multiple Windows systems needed in the same network and should have this App and server started. Use drives that don't have important files like use
USB drive. For saving time for transfer use partitions in size of MB with files not big than 500 MB size.

Start virtual Environment by "venv/Scripts/activate" in command prompt being in Project directory.

Then Change the Directory by "cd communicationServer" command.

Start Application and Server by Running "python".

Admin Django: niranjantamhane

password: 1234

Project developed only for Windows Platform and also can be made for Linux by adding some features and making some changes.                                The Delete buttons are not active to avoid data loss BECAUSE THIS PROJECT IS JUST A PROTOTYPE.



Share any File across the network.

logs help in tracking files' moments.

The Reason behind the Project:

In College, I had a task to manage computers and a new slot containing 15 computers arrived last year. I had to share files manage space Sometimes a computer would get full due to software files, ISO files, videos, student work, etc. I had to move files manually and it took so much time, still, all the computers shared the same network. Manual transfer file is a hectic task like using FTP or USB Drive etc.

sample ScreenShots:

Main Window

Main Window of Interface

success space check

Window 2 to select Drives to move files and Save Spaces

WIndow 2

PyQt5 window Structure

PyQt5 Window Structure

File Structure

Admin Logs of files received/send

File Structure of Project

File Structure of the Project

Download Complete Code


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